Speed up your online orders!

Have you ever thought about that how many potential customers pass by your restaurant without buying anything,
just because you don't have an online sales system or what you have is weak?
Give your restaurant a chance and try our demo,
or learn more about our system.

Why us?

We offer a solution to your restaurant that saves people's time and gives you a professional system with no set up fee. Our goal is to speed up online sales for all restaurants operated by us and make them stand out in this highly competitive market.
If you used our system, your customers could finish placing their order by the time you finish reading this sentence.

Your own webpage

We develop your restaruant's own unique webpage, where everyone can easily order. There is no redirecting, no 3rd party pages, because for us YOUR brand is the most important. Webpages made by us are so simple, they let everyone order in under 1 minute.

Personalised design
Your own
customer database
Cerdit card

Your own application

Compare to our competitors we develop our restaruants' Andriod and IOS applications in just a couple days.You customers can order their meals with 5 taps on their phone in under 1 minute and then follow their orders' status until their food arrives.

IOS and Android
Few seconds
to customers

Marketing services

The system is mainly automated to let you deal only with the running of your restaurant. We give you all the support to make your site visible via marketing in the highly competitive market and our marketing experts are always available to help you.

Engine Optimization

Continous Development and Support

The system used by us not just visually appealing, but also simple.
You can easily manage the menus, prices and sales.
We continously develop the system therefore we open new opportunites for your restaurant every month.
If you get stuck our colleagues are ready to help.

Why Us?

We believe that our system will seriously increase the income of the restaurant and this way increase the profit as well.You have nothing to lose.

0$ investment!

No upfront payment The price of the system is thousands of dollars, but we do not ask for anything in advance we only ask for a monthly fee.

What we ask for?

  • One year contract.To make a system like this work fine it requires time!

  • Your commitment to grow. We are looking for restaurants who want to grow with the build of their own brand!

They already chose us

I got to know my customers better
Debrecen's first Street food and Bistrokitchen mixed with fresh and quality ingredients, creative tastecombinations and created by a cook. I have gained a thousands people customer database which helps us in our upcoming email marketing and to go to know my customers better!
Successtory less than in under half a year
Once we dreamed about a restaurant, where everyone feels themselves at home, because of the family atmosphere, but also special gastronomic experiences await them. This is what we built up now, in a modern environment where our world champion chef makes our culinary masterpieces. The used Facebook marketing has produced a significant increase in the number of the page's followers, which indirectly supports the income increase as well, because the Facebook posts that include the weekly and daily menu are more efficient to reach the target group.
The webpage has become a cashgenerator
Our Bistro's and pizzeria's phylosophy is to offer meals for every age group at an affordable price, which made professionally, tasty and are served in style. We only take the quality seriously the rest just loosely and lighlty! :-) Thanks to the Facebook ads' professional targeting and regularity the number of our webpage's visitors significantly increased, which we know that it contributes our income's increase as well.
My delivery has really started
It is all about the ingredients - this belief guides us from the beginning. Let it be a burger, debreceni páros or kolbi roll we know that we can only give good and high quality, it is important that every single step and every ingredients must be in excellent quality. Our Facebook page's professional outlook, the spectacular advertisements and the user friendly ordering system has resulted enourmous amount of income increase via the orderings on our webpage.
Manga Street
I got to know better my customers and was able to build up a several thousands customer database!
Food factory
The number of our Facebook followers has increased by 200% in under half a year.
Big H pizzeria
The number of our page's visitors has increased by 300% in under 2 months.
Ikon Street
The number of our orders has increased by 600% in under half a year!

Ask for a Demo account!

If our system has raised your attention and you really want to grow
then send us your request for access.
After we receive your request you can get access to our system
and experience how easy to use it.